Winter Skin… Not this year

Cold temperatures, exposure to heating and humidity changes can really aggravate skins prone to inflammatory conditions, general dryness, dehydration and Trans-epidermal water loss. We see a lot of aggravated eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis year round due to the demands of the busy lives we lead no days, but particularly at this time of year. lets … Continue reading Winter Skin… Not this year


Supercharge your results in the blink of a needle

In our last newsletter I mentioned we had something exciting on its way.. well the wait is over. Next week we are Launching a new treatment. It is something I am so excited to bring on board to About Me and I know you will love. Introducing Dermal Micro-needling with the revolutionary M.Pen M.pen is the … Continue reading Supercharge your results in the blink of a needle