“Low Maintenance Beauty”

If I had a dollar for every person who has told me they would like their beauty routine to be “low maintenance” I’d have a Mercedes G-class by now.
And I get it, how fabulous would it be to bounce out of bed with hair that looked like a fresh blow wave, and flawless skin that just needed a touch of tinted SPF and you’re good to go.  I don’t know about you but I don’t have a film production crew making me over before I ‘wake up just happening to look immaculate’ like women in movies do.

 I have, however, discovered that with consistent daily care and investments in my skin and actually committing to regular treatments my routine has become a whole lot less “maintenance”.  In fact I probably wear about half the makeup I used to and take a fraction of the time to get ready since I’ve learned how to take proper care of my skin.  “Skin first makeup second” One of the most common goals I hear when we sit down on the consultation couch is that the women that come to see me want REAL results they want to see VISIBLE improvement in their skin to the point they feel confident and beautiful WITHOUT makeup.
This goal lights me up because this is what I want for all of you, to love the skin you are in and feel the confidence that brings. To not feel like you are forever coving up and hiding under your makeup (or worse, leaving it on so your partner doesn’t see you au naturale making your skin worse) but instead using it to accentuate your natural beauty if you so choose.

So how do we achieve this “low maintenance” gorgeous glowy skin I no longer need to hide you ask? Well, everyone is different but that is why all of my treatment plans are completely bespoke and tailored to you. It will require commitment and patience but it will completely transform your skin. In most cases my skin revision programs involve a series of around 12 treatments, some requiring a wee bit of downtime and use of the right home prescriptives to care for and nourish your skin, is imperative for best results.  If you are ready to make a commitment to love the skin you are in, not just for a day or so after a facial or only when you have your makeup done, but truly love how healthy youthful and radiant your skin is everyday, come and talk to me about your skin goals.

I still have a few spots left for a FREE consultation and $30 off a DMK facial introductory offer and I would love to help you achieve #yourbestskin

xo Loren


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